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Many of us have played this great game long enough to have been lucky or skilled enough to card a hole-in-one.  Some of you may have racked up several in your golfing years.  I’m a lousy player and have had two, always grateful for witnesses and small bar bills.  Tradition calls for the Hole-in-One guy to spring for clubhouse drinks afterwards.  It can get costly.

The topic of hole-in-ones was actually discussed by three of our LPGC members as they walked off our very difficult fifteenth green near the end of their usual Sunday morning round.  Mike Dorsey, Bob Burkhardt and Mark Watt were swapping hole-in-one stories as they proceeded to the par three sixteenth where Mr. Watt proceeded to “jack (his) ball into the junk in front of the green.”

“There goes my hole in one,” Watt joked.  The 70 year-old Viet Nam Veteran of three tours looks many years younger than his actual age.  I always joke with him that “I would love to know whatever you’re eating and drinking.”  The truth is Mark Watt is a multi-sport athlete still playing fast pitch wooden bat baseball in addition to a myriad of activities with his Son and Grandson.  Beyond his athleticism, he is also simply one of the nicest guys among many at our club, revered by our staff and highly respected by his many friends at LPGC.

What happened next is lifetime memory stuff.  On our par four seventeenth, Mark followed his less than desired tee shot on 16 with a stellar missile off his Titleist 915 Driver. 

“Nice line, Watt,” one of his playing partners complimented as his ball with two small red identifying marks split the fairway with a slight fade.

“I smoked it,” said Mr. Watt later with all appropriate satisfaction.

While his partners drove and found their balls in the fairway, Mr. Watt could not find his ball.

“I looked to see if it was in the bunker -maybe plugged.”   He was beginning to feel that frustration we all feel unable to locate what we thought was “the perfect tee shot.” 

One of his playing partners suggested his drive might have run through the green. 

“I went to check that out and was walking past the flagstick and looked down into the hole.  There was a Pro V1 with two small red dots sitting in the cup.”

Mark’s reaction was as perfect as his drive… 

“My reaction was total disbelief. How could a ball travel 285 yards and find a 4 and 1/4-inch hole!   After 50 plus years playing this frustrating game, how could something like this happen to me?”

I keep telling him it’s whatever he’s “been eating and drinking!”

It could not have happened to a nicer guy.