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Recovery Note


Dear Friends of Lake Presidential Golf Club,


As you may know, we experienced significant turf loss to several of our tee boxes and fairways in the past three weeks.  This damage was caused by the recent extreme heat, humidity and heavy rains, often resulting in standing water on many of our tee boxes and fairways.  The result was the turf disease Pythium and deterioration was rapid.


We have made our course owners aware of the problem and they are dedicated to supporting all appropriate pro-active agronomic measures for full recovery.  They have visited the property and have given us the green light for an aggressive recovery plan that includes necessary changes in agronomic strategies and practices including watering volume and a variety of turf applications to enhance growth and protect turf.


The core of this strategy begins with allowing the course to dry as the moisture exacerbated by high heat and humidity leads to potential root damage to the bent grass plant.  Step two is to distress the turf by verti-cutting and seeding followed by strategic watering and fertilization.


Successful germination will be aided by cooler growing temperatures.  In our recovery period, we will be making some appropriate pricing adjustments as our members and guests will likely have to abide by some cart-path-only restrictions and forced to adopt some frequent lift, clean and place or free-drop measures in ground-under-repair areas.


Please know we will get this right and restore Lake Presidential Golf Club to premium levels of conditioning.  You have our pledge that we will get this done.


In the meanwhile, I thank you for your patronage and support through the years and look forward to seeing you in the very near future.




Tim Woodruff/ GM