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Labor Day Conditioning Update...

Dear Members and Friends of Lake Presidential Golf Club,

I just want share a Labor Day Update on our ongoing course conditioning recovery plan.

Since late July, we have been addressing the ongoing problem of turf deterioration.  The hot weather of late July and August have not been conducive to growing grass and progress has been slow.   With temperatures beginning to moderate and return to more seasonal highs and lows, we expect to see improvement over the coming weeks. 

The greens were aerated earlier than originally planned (August 24th) so their recovery would coincide with the beginning of the recovery of the fairways.  They are responding favorably to the cooler temperatures of the past couple of days and should be in very good shape around September 9. 

The weather has been tough on many courses in the mid-Atlantic this summer.  Our new superintendent has identified the primary below-the-surface issues that were literally at the root cause of our problems.  The turf loss we experienced in 2016 was caused in large part by the cumulative effect of several years of poor soil health and drainage.  We are 100% committed to getting these fixed in order to sustain healthy turf during the stressful part of the season in the coming years.      

Since the course conditions are not anywhere near the standards we have set for ourselves and your expectations, we have temporarily lowered our rates to more accurately reflect the playing surfaces you will encounter.  Additionally, we are providing all paying customers with a voucher for a complimentary round that can be used later this fall or next spring when the course is back in good shape.

We’ve tried to get in front of our issues by letting people know up front of our conditioning issues during the booking and check-in process.  If we missed you, please let me know.    As always, I welcome your calls or email. 

Thank you for reading and your ongoing support of Lake Presidential Golf Club.


Timothy Woodruff / GM

Lake Presidential Golf Club