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Course Conditions Update - February 2017

Good afternoon. I hope all of you are enjoying this exceptionally nice weather we had for February and now into March.

Rest assured that we are working diligently to restore the course here at Lake Presidential. We here dislike the conditions as much as you do, but understand that everything that can be done is being done to restore this properly and appropriately for the long haul. There are quick fixes, but we won't do them as the conditions of a quick fix will not last. Here's where we are right now.

The good part is that we are ahead of schedule to have very good playing conditions from tees, to fairways, to greens by late May,

Much warmer than normal temperatures and moderate rainfall have aided in the natural regrowth of turf damaged during the summer of 2016. Although some of the severely damaged areas will need to be sodded as we enter the growing season, many of the sporadically thin areas have begun to fill back in on their own. This is a very encouraging sign that some of the initial practices aimed at correcting soil chemistry have already begun to take effect.

The “downside” of this nice weather pattern, is that the greens and faiways continue to grow, which means that we have had to bring our mowers out of their regular winter hibernation in order to keep the greens putting smoothly for those people lucky enough to find time to come out and enjoy the warm days. This also takes our smaller winter labor force away from completing some of the improvement projects that we are working on to create an enjoyable experience for our guests.

We will, however, find time to be out there as the winter continues taking on a few challenges. Here are some examples of things that you can look for on the course over the upcoming weeks:
1. The removal of woody growth from the creek beds that are beginning to blocks shots and the general neatening up of the hazards throughout the course.
2. The installation of 100, 150 and 200 yard markers on either side of the fairways to allow for a quick distance reference without having to search for sprinkler heads. 
3. The filling in with stone and/or concrete of degraded areas adjacent to the cart paths near some of the greens and tees. We hope to achieve much more, but also that spring will come early and we can work on getting course conditions back to what our guests deserve.
4. We have moved all of our Tee Times to 12 minute intervals. This is the largest gap of any competing golf course. We have done this to improve pace of play and demonstrate our sincerity of improving the guest experience. No one likes long, delayed rounds and this is an attempt to better space players. Clearly this does not drive revenue, but only enhances the guest experience. This is what Lake Presidential is committed to.

Believe us when we tell you we want the course back quicker than you do and we are working to do that. There is plenty of good golf here for those that truly enjoy the game and integrity that comes with it. For those, I know you will have an enjoyable experience. Come play and have a fabulous time. You Are Invited!
...Steve J. General Manager