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Course Conditions Update - April 2017

Typically in this Mid-Atlantic region, April is the first month when turf growth explodes and we begin to see new grass coverage. This is due to preparation and planting we did during the previous fall season. This year is continues that trend, except for the fact that we were starting from a much worse position than is typical. Regardless, we are relatively pleased with the recovery visible on tees and fairways so early in the growing season, that were badly damaged last summer. There is still a long way to go, but significant strides have been made to restore Lake Presidential to the course conditions we all desire and expect.

We have begun this 2017 growing season by moving some unnecessary Bentgrass sod from the initial sections of the first fairway, and transplanting it to areas that are in need of immediate attention. We still have several large areas to transplant on a few key holes and this work is scheduled to be completed by mid-May. To date, the transplanted sod has performed extremely well due to our ability to incorporate some much-needed amendments directly into the soil prior to laying the sod.

Several tees that were in very bad shape last August, have come back nicely with proper aerification, updated soil amending strategies, and new seeding operation standards. A few of the most damaged holes and areas (ex. #18 and #6) will require new sod to quicken the recovery process,

Greens aerification of holes #1-18 are now completed and went very well. The entire Maintenance team crew worked three very long days performing the core removal by hand.  This was accomplished with snow shovels, in order to reduce the greens surface disruption and allows the greens to recover far quicker and much more completely. If possible, the next time you see one of the Maintenance team out there working to improve your course, please give them a thank you. Shawn Gill, our Lake Presidential Superintendent, has doing this for nearly 30 years and the effort the team put forth to get this massive project done was the best he has ever seen. It is no wonder the course is rejuvenating quickly and properly and will allow us to sustain and continue to improve conditions through the months ahead.

Fresh out of the Remastered events and remodel, the restaurant and banquet facilities continue to forge ahead. We are booking new events at a wonderful pace and the seasonal menu through the summer is being finalized. Additionally, I was interviewed by Claude Jennings of the GolfDMV podcast last Friday here at the club. If patrons or homeowners wish to listen to that podcast, here is the link: www.podcastone.com/golf-dmv

Lake Presidential is hosting an event on Monday May 1st to support the Fisher House and Arnie‚Äôs Army. Both are wonderful charities aimed at assisting those in need and those that have served our country well and with major sacrifice to themselves and their families. We would love to invite you to join this annual event as it kicks off Golf Season.   Please log onto www.worldslargestgolfouting.com to gain more information and register yourself and/or your team.

Much has happened during the winter months and Lake Presidential is poised to move forward through the summer with great food, far improved course conditions, and leveraging our service skills.

As always, everyone is encouraged and invited to come by and enjoy some time with us.

Steve Jeffrey, General Manager