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Bunker Work

We are continuing to work on all areas of the course.  In addition to all the greens, tees, and fairway work we are doing, we wanted to show you some work we are doing on bunkers as well. Most of the bunkers require new drainage to be installed and we will do this next winter, but we are amending several bunkers now with new sand to improve playing conditions.  Over the years the bunkers have become contaminated with the hard clay and this has prevented the sand from draining properly.  Additionally erosion has moved clay into the bunkers to increase these drainage issues.   The only proper way to remedy this is to remove the sand completely, install new drainage using french drains, and then install new sand.   This is an expensive endeavor and is required maintenance on all courses.   Again, we will begin some of the more damaged bunkers during the winter months.   Until then, you can see our temporary fix for the summer and fall.   You can see progress in the three videos below.