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Conditioning Update - September 19, 2016

Dear Members, Neighbors and Friends of Lake Presidential Golf Club,

The blast furnace heat of July and August has finally been replaced by beautiful morning and evening temperatures.  Aside from the pleasing return of College and NFL football to our lives, this kind of weather is an obvious comfort blessing for all and especially for turf growing conditions! 

Our greens were aerated on August 24th and are healing nicely.  You will see a lot of top dressing [sand] on our tee boxes as our new Superintendent [Shawn Gill] and his team aerated tee boxes this week [9-16-2016].

As you likely know, aeration creates a hole in compacted soil, and when filled by sand, creates a natural top surface drain to promote turf-root-growth which in turn produces a healthy grass-plant.  Translation for golfers; robust grass on tee boxes, fairways and especially greens.

Shawn will be analyzing all the recent soil testing from all areas of the golf course to determine all appropriate future chemical and fertilizing applications.  We have many challenging areas that have not been “right” for several seasons.  We’re going to identify these mostly high spots where irrigation runoff is common, and the turf cannot hold the nurturing water for appropriate lengths of time.  In cases like this and there are many at LPGC, specific soil amendment strategies are planned in the coming days.

What does that mean?  It means on-going targeted aeration and fertilization.  It means the application of peat mixes and fertilizers to sustain water to promote growth.

Our ownership is in possession of these same soil-sample testing results and all plans for recovery efforts, completely dedicated to all of our recovery efforts.  Until my next update…


Tim Woodruff / GM